About Us


Ambrosia Seafood Cooperative was one of the first to begin importing ocean-ranched scallops into the United States in 1992, and today we have grown into one of the largest in North America.

Our products, ocean-ranched shellfishscallops, clams, and musselsare all highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Our shellfish are suspension farmed and thrive in their native waters near Long Island in Northern China. Shellfish, which are farm-raised in “off bottom” cages or ropes, are ranked as Best Choice by environmentalists world-wide. They are harvested, carefully processed with no added chemicals, and imported to North America via several ports of entry.                (see Green Protein for more details)

From Atlantic to Pacific

Our Head Office is located on the west coast in Southern California, USA, with a branch office on the east coast, Canada. We pack and import shellfish by ocean container from our farms and processing plants in China weekly. These products are then distributed by a few select, high-end distributors and retail chains to all areas of North America.

Advantages of Ambrosia

Experience: Since 1992, we have consistently supplied large quantities of shellfish products and continue to expand. Because we are one of the first and most reliable suppliers of scallops from China, our reputation speaks for itself.

Innovation: Our shellfish aquaculture farms provide a highly-controlled, clean, natural, and reliable source of seafood. Only the cleanest of water can produce top-quality aquaculture farm-raised shellfish. Our products are suspension farmed in deep ocean cages, allowing a “naturally cleaned” environment from wind and tides.

Sustainability: This means that our farms maintain or increase production over time without jeopardizing the structure or function of the affected eco-systems. Our shellfish are produced in hatcheries and transported ocean cages in coastal waters. Their growth cycle is approximately 1-2 years to maturation or harvest size.

Technical Expertise: Our highly advanced farms are built, maintained and operated by some of the leading experts in biological and scientific scallop farming. Our processing plants are highly developed with the most up-to-date processing equipment and most recognized and accredited certifications.