Ambrosia’s Clean, Green Protein Sources

The farms and processing plants of Ambrosia Seafood Cooperatives are consistently adopting and developing new processes of growing organic and eco-friendly shellfish—scallops, mussels, and clams. We operate one of the most successful green food production programs in the world.

Ambrosia’s facilities are carefully planned for with a full assessment of physical, biological and chemical characteristics of the area. Our main farms and processing plants also incorporate clean energy such as wind generated power.

Sustainable Seafood is defined as seafood originating from sources (wild-caught or farmed) which can maintain or increase production over time without jeopardizing the structure or function of affected eco-systems. Farmed scallops, clams, and mussels are produced in hatcheries and transported to ocean cages in coastal waters (also known as grow-out sites).  They are not fed artificial foods or the utilization of any antibiotics, but filter natural sea water to get their nutrients. Their growth cycle is approximately 1-2 years to maturation or harvest size. 

Our shellfish aquaculture farms provide a highly-controlled, clean, natural and reliable source of seafood. Our suspension-farming technique is widely praised by leading world environmental organizations. Shellfish which are farm-raised in “off bottom” cages are ranked as Best Choice by environmentalists world-wide.

At Ambrosia, all parts of the shellfish are utilized in order to maintain our commitment to the environment. The shells are used for construction and decoration, and other parts of the shellfish that are not used for human consumption are reprocessed into fishmeal. Nothing is left to waste.

A natural farming process leads to a high quality product that is beneficial for both the earth and mankind. Enjoy our clean, Green Protein!